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This page contains the most important and the most up-to-date information about key metrics and performance indicators for our college. All indicators are grouped in five different categories. Below is a short description.

OHIO's Four Fundamentals

These indicators are based on the Ohio University's vision of becoming the nation's best learning community. The four fundamentals include:

  • Inspired teaching and research
  • Innovative academic programs
  • Exemplary student support services
  • Integrated co-curricular activities


As our nation is changing demographically, we believe that higher education should reflect this growth and diversity. These indicators help us measure student enrollment and student diversity in our College. They also help us stay competitive and provide better ways to support our students.


Our alumni share a pride in The Patton College and in Ohio University. The margin of excellence that underlies this pride is made possible by the generous private support of alumni and friends. We work continually to enhance the educational experience for all our students and this is made possible by alumni support.

PCOE Clinical Model

Ohio University’s Patton College of Education has a strong tradition of being a leader in innovation in teacher education. Our new Clinical Model is an affirmation of our belief that teaching is learned best through doing.

Economic Impact

These indicators show the economic contribution of our College and our students. They demonstrate that we are a generator and driver of economic growth in the region and beyond.

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Differences in employment rate between graduates and undergraduates students are due to significant percentages of nonresident students at the graduate level, many of whom return to their home states or country after graduation.

Comparison of the Number of Teacher Education Graduates: 2017-18